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The most basic planting pattern for bulbs consists of  small groups of the same type or variety.  However, there is a wide range of possibilities and ideas for planting your bulbs, a number of which are described and illustrated below:

Potting Bulbs
Almost every type of bulb can be planted and forced for indoor use, for balconies, patios etc. More information can be found under ‘Planting and caring’.

Bulbs in the home
Popular bulbs for indoor use are amarylli and hyacinths, which bring warmth and colour inside the home in winter and especially at Christmas time.

Bulbs in cylinder glasses
You can buy them ready to use, but you can also buy the bulbs in a pot, remove the bulbs and put them in a vase or a glass yourself. It looks very decorative and it has the advantage, especially in case of hyacinths, that the flowers won´t topple over so easily.

Floor planting
For this method you need a very large pot, in which you plant 3 different layers of bulbs which may flower either together or one after the other. Tulips and narcissi should be planted deepest with e.g., crocuses or grape hyacinths on top.

Solitary planting
Instead of planting bulbs together in groups, you can also make combinations of single bulb varieties. This pattern is very suitable for smaller gardens. Some nice examples of solitary planting were shown at the ‘Keukenhof’ this year. Such as the narcissus Tête-à-Tête together with blue Muscari or with red tulips. Just remove the clods from their original pots and put them together in a larger bowl or pot
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